Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Digest 8

Today's digest is all about prejudice, hurtful attitudes and words; and how they can be overcome both in ourselves and others. Enjoy!

Two reminders to be careful about how we use our words:
"Why it Hurts" by Renee at 5 Minutes for Special Needs
"When Adults Use The R-word" by Tammy at Praying for Parker

And another about how hard it can be to know whether to disclose in advance, or explain afterward:
"To Tell or Not to Tell, That is the Question" by ShashK at 5 Minutes for Special Needs

An inspiring story about overcoming prejudice and social barriers through education:
"Speech pathologists, other educators bring autism expertise to Bosnia" by Theresa Harrington in the Contra Costa Times

And finding serenity:
The 12 Steps and Autism at Understanding my son


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