Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Digest 9

I don't think I ever realized what a big deal Halloween has become until now that we have a child who is truly old enough to want to participate. This year she will be a ladybug again...wearing the dress up costume that a friend of ours gave her about 3 years ago. It still fits (barely) so I told her this is probably her last year to be a ladybug. Last year I convinced her to do something different and spent hours working with her to transform a produce box into a little orange car. This year...I don't have the energy for the convincing or the crafting.'s some halloween prep for you, special needs style:

1. Feeling crafty? This spider (or rainbow kitty) from Magic Marker Monday on 5 Minutes for Special Needs looks pretty easy to make. I'm thinking googly eyes instead of the tea light even easier and just as cute. The original version is here.

2. Lots of tips, costume ideas, safety notes, etc. I especially liked the wheel chair costumes link. Fred Flinstone - how fun!

3. As Christians, Halloween can be more than a bit controversial. To attempt to represent several sides of the issue, consider the scholarly approach. Or...

4. Perhaps the "no harm done" approach. Or...

5. My personal favorite, the turn it on it's head approach. [You'll need to scroll down quite a ways to the November 3, 2008 post, "Halloween on Oak Street"]


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