Friday, October 16, 2009

Autism and Epilepsy Brochure

A couple of days ago the Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation (DJF) published a brochure on the connection between epilepsy and autism. The pamphlet is available as a PDF and is available for download and distribution free of charge. Epilepsy is one of many co-conditions that can be found in people with autism. The brochure summarizes current population data on how often the two conditions coincide. It also provides facts about autism and epilepsy, discusses various seizures, what they look like, how bystanders should respond with first aid and medical attention, etc. I think this is a useful resource for anyone who is often around children with special needs where you are more likely to see a seizure first hand. Would you recognize it? How would you respond? The DJF is a national organization that advocates for adolescents and adults with autism by providing grants that provide maximum integration with society.


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