Saturday, October 10, 2009

Adventure for Autism

There's nothing like a 25,000 mile bicycle ride to get things rolling. That's Adam Biel's theory anyway. With the statistics on autism now saying that 1 in 91 children age 3-17 has an autism spectrum disorder it's time! Starting in Alaska June 25, 2009, and eventually covering a good bit of the western hemisphere in a year and a half to two years, Biel hopes to raise $40 per mile. He also has extended layovers planned in some cities to work with local agencies to help raise funds. With a background in business (B.S. from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; internships with banking and consulting firms) this pet project gone wild will undoubtedly be a success.

Here's how you can help:

Visit and click on the Help AfA post-it-note. Biel welcomes a night in a warm home rather than sleeping in the tent he carries on his bike. A night in a hotel room is appreciated, too. AfA also suggests organizing an autism awareness bike day if Biel rides through your area. You can check out his route at the above link.

Visit L'Arche an organization in Canada (and worldwide) that works to integrate people with disabilities in society and Pathfinders for Autism a parent-initiated organization based out of Maryland. The funds Biel raises will support these two organizations. Check them out. See what else they might need.

If nothing else, help spread the word. Our media market hasn't picked up Biel's story yet. With all the doom and gloom we're hearing these days wouldn't you like to hear some good news? Tell all your friends on facebook or twitter to join the adventure.


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