Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Digest 32

I hope, dear reader, that you will enjoy these lovely links as much as I have. While I don't have time to read everything that is out there (who does?) when I find something I like I set it aside to share it with you. These are the best that I've seen out there. Be sure to let them know you found them through The Simple Life...and thank you!

1) Here is a great post about enjoying life with our kids...loving being a Mom instead of being a therapy coordinator and advocate. Not that those parts of special needs parenting aren't important. They are, and we really can't avoid them, but taking a step back to snuggle on the couch or do some art just for fun can be just as important - for us and for our kids. (By mom2spiritedboys at Hopeful Parents)

2) Interesting how different diagnoses can lead to This post (also at Hopeful Parents) is about a little boy with Prader Willi Syndrome who likes to have the same conversation with his mom over, and over, and over. We have similar conversations at our house. It gets old. For my daughter sometimes there is just a communication breakdown - either I'm not understanding what she's asking or she's not understanding what I'm answering. But sometimes it is just comfortable to re-tread the same conversational path, like slipping on your favorite shoes. Why try anything new when this works so well? (By Lisa Peters)

3) So the DSM is due to be revised in 2013. The DSM is the big gray book on Doctor's shelf that is used to describe all the various conditions and disorders so that everyone uses the same rules when they give a diagnosis. Or that's the idea anyway. This is where the criteria for autism, high-functioning autism, PDD-NOS, and Aspergers Syndrome (the full spectrum)  are outlined. There will be some changes which are already being hotly debated in the autism community. I haven't spent much time reading or thinking about it yet, which is partly why this post at Autism and Oughtisms intrigues me. There's certainly plenty to think about here, and useful links regarding the specific proposed changes at the bottom.

4) Something no one wants to think about, but we all should - what happens to our special needs children when we're no longer here. Of course we all plan to stick around, but no one is promised tomorrow and no one is immortal. My fellow 5 Minutes for Special Needs contributor, Lee, posted a great piece about some key things to put in order. This is a must do.

5) Lastly, I love this story about a teacher encouraging one of her students to use his skills to benefit other students. Isn't this what education is supposed to be about? (By Joanna L. Keating-Velasco at OUR Journey Thru Autism)


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