Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Digest 33

Hard to believe it is time for another Sunday Digest already. To be honest I am more than a bit behind on my blog reading...just like everything else. Summer hits and I get busy with the kids and trying to keep up with the dishes and laundry (failing at that, too) many other things get put aside for "later". Here are a few things I've stumbled across that I want to share with you, though...

1) Shortly after my own foray into the "R-word" battle, Autism and Oughtisms posted this lovely piece. I think you will find it quite enlightening.

2) How many times have I wished for someone to help me find resources, set goals, meet milestones? We were quite blessed a couple of years ago to be met in our hour of greatest need by a couple of "experts" who were willing to help us define and achieve some basic behavioral goals for our daughter. Their input made all the difference for us. I certainly wouldn't be writing this blog without them. Autism Speaks published a guest post from an organization trying to get a "life coach" program started for families in need. Here is more info.

3) We had fun last week making our own tote bags following the directions here. I made three bags (one for each kid) from some canvas left over from another project and some cotton webbing I bought last Summer (see how far behind I am??). The sewing took about 2 hours for each bag (I am slow) but it was all really simple - straight lines, you can't go wrong! We decorated ours with fabric paint/marker and some old buttons I found. I will try to post some pics in the art gallery soon. I'm encouraging the kids to use them on our weekly trips to the library this Summer. They love them!

4) Hopefully this week my daughter and I will begin writing a story about how everyone is different. This will be step one in beginning to explain her own challenges to her I hope in a very positive way. On that topic, this post by Resident Alien caught my eye.

That's it for this time around friends...feel free to share your favorite links or fun Summer things to do in the comments below. Enjoy!


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