Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Digest 2

Here is your second installment of links that I've come across that seem important to the task of parenting special needs children. Without further ado, here are five cool links you might want to check out.
(disclaimer: not extensively vetted - as with anything you find on the internet read and enfold into your world view with caution!)

Special Needs Adoption – Meet the Cancilla Family who adopted their son Harrison who has Down Syndrome. They set out on their adoption journey with that goal in mind. With some help from The Orphan Foundation they were able to make their dream come true. Big hearts I must say.

Graduation is a grand moment that many parents are celebrating this time of year, but none more than this Father. This is dedicated to all special needs young adults who are reaching this big milestone this Spring, and for the parents who helped them get there.

This website looks like a great resource for parents and teachers of ASD children. They have some free web-based training under their "parent" tab that I hope to check out. This may also be a great resource for explaining ASD to family and friends.

This place looks beautiful in every sense of the word. I wish we lived closer to West Virginia.

And, should the unthinkable happen, FEMA has some suggestions for how to prepare for disaster when you care for someone with special needs.

Also, please note that I've added two premanent links on the sidebar. One is for an on-line magazine that seems to have tons of useful information (I particularly liked the article on traveling with a special needs child since family vacation is looming) and Insight for Living's ministry was pointed out to me by my friend (and reader) Cindy.

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