Friday, May 22, 2009

Especially for Dads

After finding John Piper's blog and the talk by John Knight posted there, Mr. Knight was kind enough to contact me personally and, among other things, tell me about a second talk that I wanted to let you know about. Pastor Kempton Turner, one of the pastors for youth at Bethlehem Baptist Church, is the father of a six year old boy with multiple disabilities. He spoke to a group of dads of special needs children at Grace Church in Minnesota on March 18. You can hear his story here.

Someone posted on Twitter the other day that they were looking for resources for special needs dads, so I know this is a real need. Not being a dad, but being married to one, I know there are different needs for fathers than there are for mothers when it comes to parenting our kids. I hope this talk will be helpful to many of you.

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