Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ride for Autism

Saturday posts will be dedicated to action points, i.e. creative ideas to be involved as an advocate for special needs children: fundraising, letter writing, social networking, etc. The more unique the better because these challenges need everyone to pull together in every possible way. (Sidebar: yes, I'm posting this on Sunday, but only to make up for being out of town yesterday, so it is really a Saturday post.)

I first saw this fundraiser idea on twitter. At first I thought they were talking about a bicycle race, then I checked out the website and the various old school rides pictured along the top made it clear these are bikers, not bicyclists. Given the recent increase in popularity in motorcycles it seems like a great idea. I used to love watching the show about Orange County Choppers...and that's as close to a motorcycle as I've been for about 20 years, but as I navigated through their website for the Ride for Autism my respect for this grass roots effort grew. It was started by special needs parents who wanted to repay the help their son received by giving to help others.

Their next ride is August 8, 2009. If you are a biker you can ride. If you know a biker you can tell them about it. If you have time on your hands and/or live in the Los Angeles area you can volunteer. If you know nothing of the biking world you can make a donation or become a sponsor. It's just one opportunity of many to give, but it is a young organization that can probably use the help, and they in turn will help others. Ride on!


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