Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Digest 18

Today I wanted to do something a little different for my Sunday Digest. It's an audio-visual theme...videos and/or songs that have been reaching me in the last few weeks...

1. I first saw this on Facebook where I am "friends" with Randy Alcorn...actually I guess I'm his fan on Facebook. Either way, pretty cool that I get a daily dose of wisdom from him. He posted a link to his blog for this video, which basically shares my heart on choosing life even for children expected to have special needs. We would have missed out on a lot if this mom had chosen otherwise.

2. I saw a link for this video on Twitter. I had to watch it twice it is so amazing. No audio, but wow, the visual...I'm not sure I could do this even with a good camera. Phenomenal. The accompanying blog post on humility explains the heart of an artist and a special needs parent.

3. The song that inspired this digest...We Fall of my favorite worship songs. I suppose by today's standards it is an old song. I remember learning it in my pre-marriage days...a decade ago! At the retreat I attended a few weeks ago the speaker encouraged us to spend more time worshipping aloud. This song came to mind the other day and I sang it out loud while my kids were playing nearby and I was working on the perpetual pile of dishes. Funny...often when I sing my oldest daughter asks me to stop (I'm not that bad, even) but when I sang this one she did not complain. Must remember to do this more often!

4. In honor of our veterans (Memorial Day just passed, and the anniversary of D-Day today) one of my daughter's favorite patriotic songs...Three Cheers for the Red, White, and Blue! We just attended our end of the year Kindergarten program, so this brings a chuckle for sure.

5. My theme song? As sung by a true lady and musical legend. Enjoy!


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