Saturday, June 6, 2009

Seattle Children's Playgarden

I saw a story about this all-inclusive playground on a Twitter post. I wanted to check it out because this is the type of environment I think should be made available to every special needs child. Imagine a park where "typical" kids play side-by-side with "special needs" kids, and both of them can forget which category they fall into and just be kids! Interacting with typical peers is particularly beneficial for children on the autism spectrum, and this looks like a great environment to make that happen. The park is also accessible to children with physical challenges - wheelchairs, walkers, etc. Seattle is near and dear to my heart because I attended college in nearby Tacoma. Hopefully next time we are in that area we can visit this park and see it for ourselves. Some of the equipment actually looks similar to a local park we go to often. My daughter can sit in the spinning seat forever, spinning away and never getting dizzy.

So here is how you can get involved. Check out the Playgarden's website. They are in the midst of finishing some construction projects. Your donations could help them reach their goals, or help a special needs child attend their Summer camp even though their family also has financial needs. They accept non-cash donations (check out the wish list tab under you can help)...donate your "clutter" (11 foot hammock anyone?) to some kids who will really enjoy it. If you live in the Seattle area there are volunteer positions available, too. Want to do something more but don't live anywhere near Seattle? Consider working with others to make even more places like this available to children everywhere.


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