Friday, June 12, 2009

Artistic Expression

I wanted to share this story I found via twitter. It is another example of a creative way to bridge communication between "typical" people and people with special needs. I am so glad for places like the MacDonald Training Center that seek to help people express their creativity and find ways to be productive. Treating people with dignity and as valuable individuals is essential to changing our culture's "typical" response to those with special needs. Be sure to check out the photo gallery embedded in the news story.

I think I was particularly drawn to this story because my daughter can be quite artistic. It is something I try to encourage in her. Her painting and drawing are usually quite abstract. Often she composes her colors and balances the various forms nicely. Recently her artwork is becoming more representational. Developmentally I am glad for this, and yet it is sad to see her putting aside some of the free-form, vibrant methods I have come to love. I find myself hoping that this piece of her will not totally disappear.


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