Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Year 2011 in Review

At the beginning of 2011 I did a post detailing my goals for the year. I decided I should do a retrospective post here at the end of 2011, and maybe that will inform my goals for 2012...So here is each goal with my grade and comments for each.

Get organized - Well, no. I made a good effort at the beginning of the year, and depending on the day had some surfaces cleared and progress made on others, but if you looked at my desk right now, organized would not be the word that comes to mind. It is really hard to get organized when there are four other people in the house working in the opposite direction. To keep plugging away at this is basically to bang my head against a wall repeatedly. For 2012 I think I will focus on keeping the spaces that I use the most neat and tidy, and try to help at least three of the four people I live with learn to clean up after themselves occasionally. C for a good effort.

Get a shower. Though it didn't translate to earlier bedtimes or waking times as I wanted, I did grab a shower more frequently than previous years. I have proven to myself that it can happen when I really want it to, which is a step in the right direction. B needs improvement.

Improve my writing. So I never got around to the 31 day challenge I had intended to, but I did something else instead. In addition to my writing here I'm exploring options that might actually pay a little. That would be nice. Part of one of those options included taking two writing workshops, which was great fun. I even learned a little about SEO. In 2012 I just hope to find more time to write about the things I am passionate about, and in particular to return to posting here more frequently. A- get back to work!

Make my husband's lunches more interesting. Did you know that it takes just as long (or longer) to make a sandwich as it does to fill a thermos with yummy homemade soup? It's a lot of fun to mix different foods into the lunch time grind for my hubby. He seems to appreciate the extra effort. A+ Keep it up!

Get a clearer vision for who God wants me to be. So my ongoing study of Proverbs 31:10-31 (yes, I will get back to that series soon here) has helped, I think, to keep my attitudes in check and my priorities straight. There will always be a lot to do, but to do it well, in an attitude of service and humility is the goal. To hear the child already, in quiet and calm moments, tell me what a good mom I am, that is what I'm after. A- keep at it!

Clearly there is more to do. May God's grace cover the shortcomings of 2011 and His strength lead us into 2012. Happy New Year!

Did you reach your goals in 2011?


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