Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bullying Digest - special edition

This is the third post in my special series on bullying. The series starts here. I wanted to share some links with you to resources that I have found helpful on the topic.

1) An IRL friend of mine who also has a blog has been learning about bullying for some time now, both from books and, unfortunately, IRL. I am posting two links from her blog that were really insightful for me to read. The first post helps explore the reasons that a bullied child is bullied. Turns out it's not necessarily because the bullied child is shy or withdrawn...those may be the effect rather than the cause.

2) The second link from Adventures of the Maffeoberries talks about the role of the bystander, and why I feel peer advocacy is such an essential piece to support our kids.

3) I wanted to let you know about a great organization I learned about through the twins' preschool. It is called KidPower. They are worldwide. Look here to see if there is an "office" near you. While their focus is not solely focused on bullying, they do work with children of all abilities to help them learn to be safe. They teach them what THEY can do when they find themselves in a sticky situation - from getting separated from mom while shopping to dealing with the playground bully...self-advocacy at its best. I attended a brief workshop about a month ago and it made a big impression on me. I'll be exploring some of their resources more soon.

4) The IAN project is conducting a survey about autism and bullying. I first learned about the survey through the Autism Speaks Blog. You can  learn more here. In order to participate in the survey you need to register with IAN.

That's it for this time. As I gather more resources I will be sure to pass them along. If you visit any of these sites, thanks for mentioning that you found them through The Simple Life.


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