Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Digest 17

I am just re-entering "regular" life after a two day retreat, which is becoming an annual "must go to this" event for me. I always come away with new ideas to make my own spiritual life deeper and more meaningful which in turn helps me stay on track as I mother my children. That said, I'm super tired (perhaps my only complaint is the bed I slept on had a not so great mattress, at least for someone who is spoiled by a heated water bed!) So today's digest will be brief, and hopefully not too random. I'll share more thoughts from the retreat as appropriate here.

1. Back when the Olympics were on we added local channels to our satellite TV service and started seeing ads for NBC's new series "Parenthood." Then I read a post by one of my local heroes, Laura Shumaker, and learned that there is a character in the show who has Asperger's Syndrome. I've watched several episodes now, and aside from my dismay at the amoral direction of the character's choices and values, I think they have done a good job presenting the dilemmas of a family facing a new diagnosis of their child. Too bad we had to cancel the local channels again. I haven't decided if I enjoy it enough to watch it online here.

2. For more special needs "television" check out Exceptional Family TV. These are not actors, but real individuals trying to tell the world their special needs family story both for purposes of advocacy and to encourage others who are walking the same road. Thanks to Bird on the Street for passing along the information.

3. Lauren over at Hopeful Parents had some good insights into how to help your child learn skills that will help them be more independent as they transition to apparently happens way too fast.

4. My blogging role model, Jamie, over at Steady Days, shared some thoughts about how she copes during hard times with her child. I know I'll be looking back to this post next time we hit troubled waters...really great ideas.

5. Lastly, I about fell off my chair when I saw the title of this piece. Prevent Autism? Really?? Have a Healthy Baby! (Guaranteed?). Last I checked (which is pretty often these days) there is no KNOWN cause of autism (aside from some genetic pre-disposition, which I'm pretty sure one cannot control)...therefore it seems to me it would be pretty hard to PREVENT it, much less GUARANTEE people a healthy baby. I did watch the video. There isn't anything necessarily wrong with any of the advice this woman gives. Of course people should avoid toxins when they're pregnant for multiple reasons. There is, however, a sense that if you have a child with autism and you somehow missed one of these steps (like having all your old metal fillings removed) well, there you go. All I can say is UGH.

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Stacey,momof 2 said...

hello, I saw your comment at 5 minutes for Special needs... and then I read this post-- I just wrote a post today-- well--really a rant... and I was hoping for some feedback? (Not for Profit, but for Joy!)
I liked this post informative and interesting!


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