Friday, May 28, 2010

Shoot for the Moon (or some clay...)

This article caught my attention for several reasons.

First, check out the darling face with the sock monkey. The title says he inspired his family to raise money to help children with CP. Heck that face would inspire me to just about anything!

Then, well, I just published a post about CP, so I was already in that groove.

Third, skeet-shooting? In the last year I thought I had heard just about every possible fundraising idea: walks, dances, bike rides, motorbike rides, cake sales, CDs, etc. etc... I had never heard about clay pigeon shooting as the basis of a fundraiser, but...

Wow, does it work! This family initially thought they would raise $5000 and call it a good day. On their first try they raised $55,000, and all combined they've raised $225,000 for the Greensboro Cerebral Palsy Association Program and the Gateway Education Center. How amazing is that! This year's contest is tomorrow. Here's hoping for a record breaking year! If you're in the Summerfield, NC area there's no cost to attend and cheer on the competitors, or the hosts.


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