Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Digest 11

1) As a follow up to an earlier series of posts on achievement (starts here with links at the bottom for parts 2-4), I wanted to let you know about the new website for the film Race to Nowhere (formerly known as Slipping Behind). There is a petition there you can sign if you feel the importance of refocusing our educational system so that children can learn and be valued as individuals.

2) As a follow up to Thanksgiving, check out these thankful moments gathered by Autism Speaks from parents, grandparents, teachers, therapists and others who love someone with autism. Warning: you may need some tissue handy.

3) These tips for supporting autistic family members through the sometimes hectic holidays seemed generally helpful. We're trying the stepwise decorating idea just out of took us so long to find everything yesterday that we didn't have time to set it up. Today the tree is up, but only half lit. You get the idea.

4) On a related note, here is a gift guide for special needs children ages 1-5. Over 5? - sorry you're on your own. Wait a minute!! Not fair!! Seriously - if you know a good resource for older children please leave a comment with a link below!

5) Not exactly Christmas music, but an interesting idea for letting special needs children experience the ability to make music.


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