Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Book Review - The Little Drummer Mouse

In the spirit of The Season I thought I'd post a review about a Christmas book. It is not exactly addressed to special needs, but it does address issues of self worth and giving our best. Mercer Mayer's "The Little Drummer Mouse" is the story of the littlest mouse of a large brood who is always being teased because he is small and slow. His mother, trying to keep him safe gives him a drum to play on so she'll know where he is. He loves his little drum and plays on it all the time which in itself adds stigma from his peers and gets him into trouble with others who do not understand. The animals learn that The Greatest King of All is going to be born and they set up a big celebration in His honor, but they do not recognize the poor man and woman who travel through their forest as royalty. The littlest mouse figures it out and goes on his own to find the new baby "just for a peek". There he has the opportunity to play his drum for the baby and inspires everyone present to make music for the baby. Thus the slow, little, misunderstood mouse becomes a leader and gives his best to the King.

It is not a strictly Biblical account of the Nativity, but the message that God cares deeply for the least of these is a strong one.

It is a touching story, and one that I hope will encourage my daughter to give her best even when she is feeling small, picked on, and mistreated. Even the slowest among us have a special gift, one that we all need to receive...a reminder that we too can always give our best.

I want to close by asking each of you who reads this post to pray for one among our ranks who is desperately hurting. I cannot share details, but God knows those. Prayer is an amazing gift that you can give anonymously.


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