Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Digest 4

1. Experience the story of a family forever affected in part by a nurse's negligence. For the full context read the associated article. It is rather lengthy, but certainly eye-opening. I have met this family and their resilient spirit is amazing.

2. Watch this advertisement sponsored by Autism Votes/Autism Speaks, and send a message to Speaker Nancy Pelosi to get autism insurance reform as part of the National Health Reform package. If you agree with the message of the ad you can send an e-mail to with the following suggested text:

Dear Speaker Pelosi/Leader Reid,

Our family believes that health care reform that does not end autism insurance discrimination is unacceptable. Please go to to view an important TV ad, which is currently running on CNN, CNBC and MSNBC. We hope that moving forward, you will be sure to stop the discrimination that our child, and millions like him/her around the country, faces on a daily basis. Our children deserve appropriate access to the medical treatments and therapies they need for their medical conditions.

With kindest regards,

Your name
Your City and State

update 7/18 - when I tried the AmericanVoices e-mail, my message bounced back to me. The mailer-daemon did not tell me why it failed - perhaps the mailbox was full when I sent my message. Try a Google search on "Pelosi contact" and you'll see a link for the Speaker's website where you can send an e-mail directly. This will work if AmericanVoices does not.

3. Some good advice on what to do with the inevitable looky-loos.
Smile and say hello. This may give them an awareness that they are staring and
that you've noticed. I love it.

4. For friends who are caring for both aging parents and special needs children. You are not alone. This, in general, looks like an encouraging blog. I know I'll be checking it out...

5. Please join me in praying for these special needs children in Florida who have lost their parents (again) this time in a brutal murder.

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