Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Digest 34

Here's the best I've seen while scouting around...still horribly behind on blog reading, but I was caught up on day last week.

1) Sometimes you need to walk a mile in another person's shoes. Sometimes you just need to read a very passionate blog post. Even other special needs parents may not always "get it" when comparing worries. Check out this post by my fellow 5 Minutes for Special Needs contributor, Heather P.

2) I loved this post at Autism and Oughtisms which so clearly explains how even the verbal child on the autism spectrum is affected by language delays and communication challenges. I have tried to explain this in some of my own posts, but this mum (from New Zealand) says it so much better.

3) Having just celebrated the 4th of July, it seems fitting to spend a couple of minutes supporting our military families who are also special needs families. You can read this post at Hopeful Parents by Diary of a Mom to find out how you can help.

4) I'm still loving the Special Needs Sibling Saturday series over at The Squashed Bologna. Varda has located some of the best parent bloggers around to help us see the intense sibling relationship through several new lenses. Read the latest here and the whole series here.

5) And I'm cheating a little because I'm posting late and Tara over at kidzorg posted her Monday story early...Ever wished you could have one of those reality TV shows come and redo part of your home? There's a charity that does this for children with special can read about it here. [We don't need a makeover so much around here as someone with some insane organizational case any reality TV shows are scouting for story ideas...just sayin']


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