Thursday, July 14, 2011


Children see magic so easily, and we forget so easily.

The child made a magic wand one day - out of a plastic tube that used to be the center of a fax paper roll. She colored three different "buttons" on it with sharpie markers - red, blue, and green. Then she taped a small strip of paper to the other end like a lonely streamer on a handlebar. She said if she pushed the red button it would make red magic, etc, a concept she copied from an episode of "The Little Einsteins" where a group of fairies make the northern lights appear with their magical music. She wandered around all afternoon making her various colors of magic, I'm sure actually seeing them spray forth from the streamer and color her world.

So many things are magical to children - butterflies, hummingbirds, rainbows, thunder, crickets, stars, and the list goes on. As adults we think we are better off because we can understand things more, but somehow I think the children are ahead of us on this one. What good is it to know a butterfly is just a caterpillar post-metamorphosis and that it spreads pollen as it moves from one flower to another if you lose the sense of wonder at watching it fly at all?

Children sometimes are magical in their own way as well. They can turn my frowns into smiles with a well-timed giggle, hug, or fun idea. I need to let them push their happy button and wave the wand my direction a little more often it seems.

I want to remember the magic of childhood. I want to re-enter the spirit of belief, trust, and wonder. I want to make magic with them, and help them hold on to it as long as they can.
Jenny Matlock

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