Thursday, March 25, 2010

Time to Rest

My children have been enjoying picking these yellow wildflowers in our backyard. I guess technically they are weeds (yellow woodsorrel, oxalis) but one person's weed is another person's, "Look, Mommy I picked these for you..." I think they are quite a cheery little flower, but I noticed in the evening they close up. I was amazed that they do this even after being picked, mangled by little hands and shoved in the handiest glass of water, and for several days in a row. At first I thought they had just wilted, but the next day, they were cheery and bright again.

I have a few things to learn from these flowers, and this seems like as good a time as any to take my lesson. March 30 will mark one year that I've been plugging away on this blog. Posting almost without fail (hospital stays don't count, right?) every third day, amazingly continuing to come up with content, begging for readership, learning the social media frenzy, and in general having a wonderful time of it.
I must admit I'm zapped. Time to curl up and rest a little...sure to reappear just as bright and cheery when morning returns. Don't worry, oxalis is a real pain in the toosh to get rid of I hear, so I'll be back...hopefully right after Easter. Call it a blogcation in honor of my blogversary. See you in the morning!


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