Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Digest 13

First a little celebration: This post is my 100th post on The Simple Life in its "new" form. From the archive count at the side it *looks* like my 101st, but one post is really my archive by topic which doesn't really count...just my way of making a separate page that lists all of my posts under their various categories instead of by date. Seems like a big deal that 100 times I've sat down at my computer and let the words flow...attempting to make what is a very complicated dance into The Simple Life. Just a small celebration. Probably calls for some chocolate.

Now to the business of the day:

1) I have been thinking a lot and wondering about what is happening to special needs individuals in Haiti. I'm sure most everyone there is suffering one way or another, but I wonder if there is a bigger gap of need when one is challenged in every day life, much less in a disaster of this scale. Here is a story I found about an Irish missionary who works with special needs children - the story of her survival, and her continuing work. I encourage you to check out the work of Partners International and Compassion in Haiti. These are two organizations that we have supported long term and trust to handle funds effectively.

2) Special thanks to my blogging buddy SquiggleMum for sharing this post from her husband SquiggleDad(?) on depression. It has been increasingly impressed on me that parents of special needs children are especially prone to fall into depression. There is an almost endless cycle of stress and grieving that leaves a razor thin edge of psychological and emotional well-being. The image of depression presented here was powerful enough to explain it to the few who do not struggle with this mental monster and yet encouraged me to take a new perspective when I'm feeling blue.

3) A friend from Facebook pointed out this resource for ADD/ADHD families. I have only glanced at Dr. Hallowell's blog, but it seems to have some good information for relationships with ADD/ADHD individuals: both from a marriage and parenting perspective. I may add some of his books to my list of things to review in the watch for those.

4) So glad to find Laura Shumaker's City Brights blog. Laura's book "A Regular Guy" was the first book I reviewed on The Simple Life. I really appreciate Laura's voice as an experienced special needs mom...perhaps in part because she lives nearby so I know she lived this life right where I live it. I'll be happily following her blog...she also contributes regularly to 5 Minutes for Special Needs.

5) This post at Miracle Baby voices a struggle of many special needs I doing "enough" to help my child progress and overcome their challenges.


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