Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Digest 39 - Liebster Blog Award

[portions in italics added 1/16/12 after reading comments and following a few links...]

So one (actually two) of my few, but faithful, followers nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award. Thanks, Rose-Marie! and Autism & Oughtisms! This award honors all of us hard-working, consistent-posting, just outside the limelight bloggers. Specifically blogs with less than 200 followers. Part of the honor is passing it along to five other bloggers that haven't hit the big time - yet. So today's digest will be pointing you to a few bloggers that I follow who you should definitely check out...later on you'll be able to say, "I knew them when..."

How funny that I happen to be posting this on Golden Globe night... Envelope please...And the Liebster goes to:

1) A Wish Come Clear - OK I may be cheating. I don't know how many followers this blog's actually surprising how many blogs *don't* say how many followers they have. Ah well. Caroline McGraw contacted me recently...she may do a guest post here soon if I can get my act together...and she has perspective that I need. Her brother has special needs and she now works in a community with adults with special needs. I'm just getting to know her, but I can already tell she has a lot to teach me.

2) Not for profit, but for JOY! - Everyone can use a little more joy in their life, right? Stacey and I seem to struggle with the same stuff - juggling everything that being a mom and wife means and finding time for ourselves somewhere in there too...multiplied by having a child with special needs.

3) eSpecially ben - VMI shares touching stories and artwork from her special son, Ben. I think I first found eSpecially ben through Magic Marker Monday at 5 Minutes for Special Needs. Very inspirational.

4) Delayed but not DENIED! - The name says it all, so does the verse on the blog banner, John 9:3. I think maybe I like Territory Mom's posts most because we live in total suburbia and she gives me a dose of farm life along with inspiration.

5) Janet Ann Collins/Onwords - I have met Jan IRL and she has a lot of experience that has been helpful to me. I also really enjoyed reviewing her book, Signs of Trouble. Much of her writing involves individuals with special needs, though she also touches on other subjects...all with a sense of humor and care for others.

So those are my Liebster to notify the winners. I should also note that many of these bloggers "follow me back" and I really appreciate the reciprocity. Stay strong, ladies! Here are the rules to pass along the award:

  • Show you appreciate the blogger who nominated you with a thank you shout out!
  • Nominate 5 other blogs, who have 200 followers or less, by leaving them a comment.
  • Post the award on your blog
  • Keep up with the blogs you've given the award to...
And I guess in some versions there are questions you're supposed to answer. Many people do this with great wit and wisdom, but since this is tacked on I'll be short and sweet, and maybe mildly amusing:
Favorite color - dark green and blue - someone has to balance out all the yellow my husband throws around
Favorite animal - elephants - they are so big, and so amazing
Favorite number - really? people have favorite numbers? Five I guess  - that's the date of my anniversary, my birthday, and the number of people in our family. There.
Favorite drink - since giving up sodas blueberry tea - yum - hot or iced love it.
Facebook or Twitter - both, but mostly Facebook
What is my Passion - well now that is a very interesting question that I've been thinking about a lot lately...Learning, Solving Problems, and Helping Others seems to be the theme of the day
Do I prefer giving or getting gifts - I find both ends of the gift thing to be stressful, but I guess I prefer giving because when I get I have to write thank you notes and since I don't usually get around to it that is guilt inducing.
Favorite Day - The first day of Spring. I love Spring.
Favorite Flower - to smell : Jasmine; to look at : orchids and passion flowers.


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