Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fallen Stars

I scrunched along the sidewalk with my littles this morning, trying to enjoy the forced march from our light rail system to our home after dropping the minivan off for repairs. The kids were thrilled to see autumn leaves littering the sidewalk. I don't mind autumn too much, but I dread what comes after. Winter for us means rain, and lots of it...cabin fever with three children is not high on my list of enjoyable every pile of autumn leaves carries with it a sense of impending doom.

As we shuffled along crunching leaves underfoot one leaf grabbed my attention. A bright red maple leaf somewhat separated from its mates lay in stark contrast with the dark gray cement of the sidewalk. It looked for all the world like a bright star fallen to earth. I started to look around me more carefully, the wonder of a child renewed in my heart. No wonder my dear hearts like to scoop these up by the handful and carry them home where they sit in one place or another, first beautiful then slowly decaying into brown bits of dust that I scoop up and toss in the mulch bucket. Reds, yellows, and oranges each carrying a bit of heaven to our feet. We can carry the stars in our hand, just like a child, if we will open our eyes.

Jenny Matlock

I am linking up with Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday fest, except it's Autumn break, so no letter this time around, just the prompt: Autumn Colors. What's Autumn like in your neck of the woods? Head over to Jenny's to see the vast palette of colors He has given us to enjoy this season.

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