Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Digest 35

Just to let you all know, I've shifted to a new blog schedule...I've been finding it increasingly difficult to get two posts plus a post at 5 Minutes done each week. Part of this is because my usual writing time (nap time!) is starting to vanish, and part of this is because I'm trying to take a more active role in my husband's business. I am hoping to do one post each week here, and keep my posts at 5 Minutes flowing, too, plus any other guest posts that come my way. I may have a couple of guests pop up here, soon, too. We shall see. This may also free up some time to work on a couple of other projects, which, if they come about I will tell you about in due time.

To the business of the is digest time! Here are some interesting links I've come across as I've roved the Internet lately:

1) These first two links I heard about via my fellow blogger, Autism and Oughtisms. She shared them on facebook. I am increasingly interested in learning about the brain, and what happens when it isn't working normatively. This article focuses on autism, perhaps explaining a piece of language confusion in autism where the affected individual reverses pronouns - calling themselves "you" and others "I." It seems these researchers have found that the white matter connections between two  areas of the brain are faulty - picture a short circuit between the light switch and the bulb. I find this particularly fascinating as my mother-in-law apparently has similar white matter deterioration, but in different "circuits." Brains are miraculous!

2) This second link is more practical and discusses first responders' need to learn how to best help an individual with autism during an emergency. Emergency preparedness is a big topic these days, and one that requires special attention if you are a caregiver to an individual with special needs. Some local first responders have registries where you can notify them in advance if you think special equipment or specific information will help them give better aid to your loved one with special needs. Check it out and be prepared.

3) Another friend from down under SquiggleMum posted this "how to" on building an outdoor play kitchen with her kids. It is adorable, and NOT expensive, and I imagine they are having all sorts of fun, creative, imaginative, social play out there. What fun!

4) This touching piece by Tim Gort over at Hopeful Parents explores what happens when a man becomes a dad.

5) Last but not least, my fellow 5 Minutes contributor, Maggie, shared a success story for her twin boys. Thanks to the dedication of a lifeguard and some appropriate individualized instruction they are learning to swim! Can't beat that!


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