Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Digest 31

Here is the latest and greatest...the posts that I found particularly helpful, inspiring, moving, or funny in the last few weeks. Click on the links from my on-line friends and if you leave a comment make sure to tell them you found them via Simple Life. Thanks!

1) I loved this post by Autism & Oughtisms exploring speech development and how much more one can notice each stage when there are delays. Little things like learning to say "um" when you're having trouble thinking of the right words...I remember being so excited when my daughter learned to say yes when she meant yes. So important.

2) My fellow 5 Minutes for Special Needs contributor, Lee, shared about their annual "prom night" sponsored by a local high school for teens and adults with special needs. It sounds like a wonderful evening for everyone who is involved.

3) Bird on the Street hit a home run with this post about raising a special needs child. Yes, there are challenges but  maybe not the challenges you would expect a parent to be bothered by.

4) Having a sibling with special needs can be...challenging. This brother seems to have it figured out. Thanks for sharing, Mary Hill at Hopeful Parents.

5) And this post, from Specialgathering is just plain funny. 


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