Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Digest 28

So much to share this time that it's going to be hard to choose. I'll try to spread the linky love around...

1) This post from Reports from a Resident Alien helped me understand the difference between emotional self-regulation and being mature. I love getting this woman's insights because she lives with autism and although autism is different for each individual there is a lot that can be understood in general terms from one person's experience. This post was particularly helpful for learning skills to cope with and manage emotional outbursts in a mature way...skills that I'll need to be sure my daughter develops.

2) The instinctive drowning response is a powerful analogy to describe the situation that families with special needs children sometimes find themselves in. We were there (briefly) and fortunately found the support we needed to get back on track. Now I see other families there and wonder how I can help without risking our own equilibrium. According to this post at Hopeful Parents the first step is to get into the pool.

3) Praying for Parker now has a sponsor that is making beautiful embroidered letters which can be used for tactile learning, early writing, phonics, etc. If you have access to an embroidery machine you can buy the pattern for the letters for $15 and help pay Parker's medical bills. Sweet!

4) Laura Shumaker recently had a post that highlighted the Transition Planning Kit recently launched by Autism Speaks. The kit helps families who are preparing their adolescent children to be adults, a key phase in finding support, resources, and information for more independent living.

5) Bird on the Street wrote this powerful piece describing the day she and her husband were faced with a life and death decision for their son, Charlie. They had to listen to their own instinct and overcome the naysaying of experts to choose time, information, love and life. Amazing.


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