Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Digest 26

We've had busy days over here for several days in a row. I have a feeling that will continue through the next few weeks as the holidays continue to roll through us...take a minute to get inspired along the way.

1) My fellow 5 Minutes for Special Needs contributor, Lee, posted this piece about parent advocacy that pretty much summarizes my own philosophy on the subject. It takes a special amount of effort to work with schools and other agencies that provide services. You have to stand up, and get busy, without being combative. It's a fine line to walk.

2) Every Mom needs to hear thank you...without prompting...but we don't always get it from our kids. When you need to hear it, read this. Your kids would say this...really!

3) One of my favorite new blogs to follow is Autism and Oughtisms. This mom had a great voice, and is particularly good at clearing up some common misconceptions about autism. This piece addresses the misconception that individuals with autism always have above average intelligence. Like many pieces of autism, intelligence ranges over a full spectrum.

4) Living in California, it's not often too cold to swing, but it is sometimes too I'll be trying out this move with my daughter soon, I'm sure. Thanks for the tip, Our Journey Thru Autism.

5) During days like I've had for the last week, it is hard to slow down and catch every opportunity. This post from InCourage is a good reminder that we need to be present in everything that we are doing. I have a feeling I'll need the reminder for some weeks to come.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your very kind words about my blog! I always enjoy your comments, and have started enjoying your own blog now too :)


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