Friday, April 16, 2010

The IAN Project

Have you heard of the IAN Project? I heard a radio spot for the IAN Project the other day...or rather I heard part of it in between asking my ASD daughter to be quiet so I could hear it. You can see a short video here that completes the audio I sort of heard. The goal of the IAN Project is to provide an on-line community where parents and caregivers can share ideas, link resources, and gather support and to be a central repository for data used by researchers and an outlet for recent discoveries. In order to participate in the research side there is an on-line questionnaire to fill out. They say it will take 1-2 hours to fill out. I haven't looked at it, so can't comment much. Evidently by participating with the survey you're providing data that may help design future research studies, or improve community services. You can join either the research side or the community side independently. I will probably explore and report more later, but for now I am excited to see this new (to me) resource.


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