Saturday, August 8, 2009

Take Flight for Kids

I found this article late this evening, and I am wishing I had read through my google alerts a little earlier in the week, but alas, we'll have to wait for the next Take Flight for Kids event. It looks like these happen on some scale throughout the year. How many children do you know who've had the opportunity to fly a plane? Add the qualification of being a special needs child and my guess is the number falls pretty near zero, unless, that is you have been to one of these events around the Bay Area. The event is totally free to families who attend (up to 5,000 people!) and includes BBQ, aircraft displays, live entertainment and the chance to fly a plane. You can imagine that sponsoring an event like this requires a lot of money and a lot of volunteers, including skilled pilots.

Visit the Take Flight for Kids website to:
* Make a donation - $10 sponsors a family's BBQ lunch
* Volunteer to help run the event
* Volunteer as a pilot
* Become a sponsor or exhibitor at the next flying event

Help provide a once in a lifetime experience to a special needs child.


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